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Most business leaders are by now aware that the growing use of mobile phones is changing the competitive landscape for all companies, no matter what the industry. The extent of those changes is greater than most appreciate, however. They include entirely new methods of designing products and completely revamped methods for selling them. They also involve a fundamentally reinvented relationship with customers: To be precise, the customers are now the boss. Those were some of the key ideas that emerged from a recent conference -- "How Mobile and Social Are Transforming Innovation Models: Flipping the Paradigm?" -- hosted by Wharton's Mack Institute for Innovation Management at the school's San Francisco campus. The question mark at the end of the conference's title probably wasn't necessary, judging by one of the slides shown by Scott Snyder, a senior fellow at the Mack Institute and president of Mobiquity, one the country's largest mobile app developers. The slide was jammed with text and listed dozens of activities including shining a flashlight, using a tape measure and turning an air conditioner on and off. What the tasks had in common, Snyder said, was that all are among the constantly expanding list of things people are now...
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