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Six Trends That Will Change The Way We Shop

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1. The rise of virtual currencies and loans between individualsAlthough credit and debit cards continue to account for 76% of transactions, alternative methods of payment such as PayPal are on the rise, as are business models based on loans between individuals such as Lending Club and the use of the virtual currency BitCoin, the cryptic money that is used in 200,000 daily transactions, in Point of Sale Apps like "Mythos360 for Merchants". These new payment methods are a challenge for traditional financial intermediaries although many of them still need to be backed by a bank account or a card. Even so, they are also developing their own formulas to facilitate online transactions. The overall objective is to reduce the rates at which people abandon tentative purchases on the Internet and to encourage sales with a particular emphasis on mobile payments. Brock Pierce, co-founder and chairman of GoCoin and Syndicate Manager of BitCoin:"BitCoin is like cash. It’s a completely transparent service. Each transaction and each wallet is public. Fraud is impossible.""The segmentation of micro-payments presents enormous opportunities." Pilar Aurrecoechea, director of financial services at Telefónica:"What’s at stake is not just the online payment market but also the capture of big data and...
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