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A very good analysis I read today in Forbes:  Is our future one where many of us will never have a traditional job again? A provocative new article in the Deloitte review on the “The Open Talent Economy” makes that sound like a very real possibility. The article describes a world where “balance sheet talent” (also known as full-time employees) increasingly works alongside contract and freelance workers in response to sweeping changes in the world’s economy. These folks are also supplemented by employees of organizations to which work is outsourced, workers involved in joint ventures who are responsible to more than one organization, and open-source talent–folks who provide free labor through crowdsourced efforts and the like. It’s a loose and ever-changing world where alliances between employers and workers are fleeting and ever-changing. “Global markets and products are driven by accelerating innovation and growing scale, and they demand talent pools and systems that can be rapidly assembled and reconfigured,” write authors Jeff Schwartz, Andrew Liakopoulous and Lisa Barry.”Business leaders and customers expect agility, scale, and the right skills on demand. These new business and talent models look less like integrated factories and companies and more like highly orchestrated networks and ecosystems with a...
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