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Si quieres una muy buena versión en español sobre los Early Adopters, te sugiero este artículo de Javier Megías Early adopters live, eat, and breathe the new out there in consumables. They don't want to be the last to know or try a new gadget, design, or latest thing; they want to be at the forefront and show others the way. Here are some ways to woo them. Steps Understand what an early adopter is. An early adopter is the ultimate consumer - knowledgeable, discerning, engaged, and ready to move when a new product comes onto the market. They are consumers who listen to marketing and take it on board. They are consumers who are very confident about their choices in the marketplace and they're always looking for opportunities when shopping. Key points about early adopters include: They influence other consumers, both by word of mouth and by display of their consumer choices (by wearing, carrying, using obviously, etc.), and even openly touting brand labels from Apple stickers on the back of a car to labels on their clothing showing starkly. They're fickle, they bore easily, and they're ready to move on to the new thrill fairly soon after the excitement...
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